Beat Saber: Performance of Expert and Novice Users and the Effect of Attentional Load

The study done as part of HCI 681 - Cognitive Engineering investigates the performance differences between novice and expert Beat Saber players and whether an added attentional load task can level their performance. Participants split into experts and novices and played the game under three conditions: no load, 2-back load, and 3-back load. Results showed experts consistently outperformed novices across all conditions, with higher scores, more accurate hits, and longer combos. The attentional load task did not significantly impact experts' performance, while novices improved over time, suggesting that the task was not challenging enough to affect experts and that learning effects might have influenced novice performance. Further research could explore more challenging tasks and different game difficulties.

Audio AR-based Cognitive Reframing Exercises for Anxiety Management

The project "Audio AR-based Cognitive Reframing Exercises for Anxiety Management" aims to develop a self-administered, interactive Audio Augmented Reality (AAR) intervention for anxiety relief among 18-24-year-olds. Using guided Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) exercises, the AAR experience helps users reframe anxiety-inducing thoughts through a story-driven audio landscape. The intervention is designed to fit into daily routines with customizable participatory elements, and future iterations will involve user co-design for improved relevance. The research explores how embodied cognition (movement) and different modalities enhance the effectiveness of CBT for anxiety management.

Tracking and Visualization of Benchtop Assembly Components Using a Rgbd Camera

The project "Tracking and Visualization of Benchtop Assembly Components Using an RGBD Camera" aims to assist assembly line workers using a cost-effective system. Utilizing a Microsoft Kinect RGBD camera and Unity for visualization, the system tracks and visualizes components' positions and orientations. The Full Flow Bidirectional Fusion Network (FFB6D) estimates 6D poses from captured RGB and depth images. The system's accuracy was enhanced with Mahalanobis distance for post-processing. Future improvements include testing on more complex parts and optimizing the prediction model for better accuracy and frame rates.

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